How to Use Spill Kits For Maximum Safety

How to Use Spill Kits For Maximum Safety

spill kitsSpill kits are designed to contain liquid and chemical spills in facilities, which makes them one of the most important accessories for safety. As such, any operation that handles hazardous chemicals must make sure that they are present, for the protection of everybody in the organisation, as well as the satisfaction of industrial requirements.

If you are yet to get kits for your facility, here are some of the most important pointers to consider so that you can maximise their safety benefits and ensure the wellbeing of your entire team and the operational efficiency of your facility.


Choose the right kits

There are many types of spill kits, each suited for differing materials. General purpose kits, for instance, are best suited to facilities that work with non-aggressive chemicals. Hazchem spill kits, for their part, are designed for workplaces that handle dangerous and corrosive chemicals.


Choosing the right kind of kit for your facility is the basis upon which you can ensure the absolute safety of your operation. If you are not sure about which kind to get, do not hesitate to ask for personalised guidance from your source of kits. Global Spill Control, for instance, goes the extra mile in walking their clients through the myriad of options so that they can each find the best kind of kit that they need for their operational conditions.


Secure proper product training for the whole facility

It is also recommended that your organisation secure the appropriate training that is critical to the safe and functional use of the kits, as well as their proper incorporation into your suite of products. Many manufacturers provide proper product training, so do not forget to ask yours for guidance in getting it. Additionally, vet the expertise of your team so that you can choose the right kind of training programme that best fits your staff’s technical knowledge.


Aside from the proper use of the kits, you should also look into keeping everyone on the same page with designing the emergency response protocol of your organisation, in case a spill happens. If you intend to transport your kits when a spill happens, your team must be apprised of the specific steps that they need to take to fulfill it.


Update maintenance plan as necessary

If you have other accessories in your facility such as flammable storage cabinets, it is vital that you have a comprehensive maintenance plan in place to ensure a seamless operation between all your equipment.