Top 5 Benefits of Using a 3D Scanner

3D scanning has greatly contributed to the different industries, from designing a shoe to manufacturing a supercar. This technology has offered help as it works accurately and quickly. The use of a 3D scanner has indeed brought so many advantages in today’s time in various industries. If you are considering using one but still a bit hesitant, then knowing the benefits it has to offer will definitely convince you.

3D Scanner

Save Time During the Design Stage

If you have a product that might be needing a new design based on your pre-existing object. Being able to reverse engineer an object will perfectly align with all the capabilities of your 3D scanner. This can get to each and every nook and cranny of the product and give it a precise dimension of the space where a new part needs to fit.

The scanner will also help you save a lot of time in terms of making changes on the current design. For instance, if you need to change the thickness of a part, then the scanner needs to work faster.

Faster Prototype Making

Creating a correct prototype needs a few attempts. Good thing that 3D structured light for scanning is available to expedite the process. In fact, the process can reduce the number of prototype cycles needed during the design and production phase. 

Using a scanner will not only measure cross-sections and identify the areas where the object is being warped but will also save all data that is related to the scan. When it’s time to scan a new version of the prototype, comparing date can be done fast and easy.

Quality Control

3D scanners are very accurate and come with so many benefits, the reason why most major world museums rely on them to preserve artifacts from different cultures. The scanner is also capable of checking the composition and volume of objects and materials. These benefits translate to manufacturing uses.

In addition, it also becomes possible to check the scale and stability of products and the quality of their designs for maximum accuracy. With the help of 3D scanning, the entire shape of a product that is being manufactured can be checked and make deviations if necessary.

Remanufacture Parts

When there is a need to remanufacture a part, the scanner will make it possible to create an accurate reproduction. You just need to scan the old part and make use of reverse engineering software to make a CAD model. It is also utilized to compare the new prototypes to the scan of the old ones for accuracy.

Compared Designs for Manufacturing

One more advantage of using a 3D scan is the chance it offers users to compare the designs of products. This helps ensure that the original version is completed. Aside from quality control, being able to compare designs to manufacture products will ensure that they will fit as needed.

Having your own scanner will offer numerous benefits that will be of great use and benefit to the different industries today. Having one is indeed a worthy investment.