Our History.

Flying Machines Pty LTD,  was created by a former manufacturing company Vice President/General Manager, who utilized various metals as raw materials. His frustration with the inefficient methods to liquidate obsolete metal inventory gave him the initiative to create FlyingMachinesMusic.com provides metal users an easy way to liquidate excess metal inventory. Getting “caught” with excess metal inventory is painful enough, enduring the pain liquidating it is too much to take.

A thorough knowledge of the metals industry is only one part of a successful e-commerce solution. FlyingMachinesMusic.com was formed and consists of a marriage between a company with strong internet business development skills and members with thorough understanding of metal markets.

FlyingMachinesMusic.com,  provides an internet site where metal users can sell their obsolete inventory with the greatest of ease. Without an efficient internet site, too much time is spent phoning and faxing to try to consummate an obsolete inventory sale. Since it’s conception, FlyingMachinesMusic.com has evolved into very user friendly, modern day, nation wide site to sell metals. Especially noteworthy are the portfolio and guaranteed delivery/payment features. FlyingMachinesMusic.com makes turning obsolete metal inventory into cash efficient and easy.