Metals We Buy.

metals we buy

Scrap Metal Recovery

Bought for scrap only

Also, tendering service for clients: ships, aircraft, all types of transport, antiques, foodstuffs, and all commercial goods. Negotiations undertaken for clients; Usual commissions.


  • Communications equipment, aircraft radar, ship’s radar, sonar, general electronics equipment, computer test equipment, marine non-ferrous metal.
  • Also transistors, chips, transformers, bus bars, cathodes, microprocessors, populated computer circuit boards (PCBs, motherboards).
  • Large magnets, heavy duty cable (telephone, electric), copper wire, underwater cable, telecations.
  • Telephone exchanges dismantled, nickel, bronze, tin, molybdenum, cobalt, gold sludge, dental precious metals, precious metals in any form (eg. powder).
  • Redundant electronic components for cash. Brass Musical Instruments.
  • Non-ferrous metals. Some plastics in large amounts.


  • Any scrap considered.


Convert your valuable precious metal scraps and solutions into cash. We clear factories of all copper, brass, aluminium, and non-ferrous, etc.