Diamond Drill Rigs for Sale Australia: What to Consider

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Looking for diamond drill rigs for sale in Australia? Here are some of the most essential things that you should consider while selecting so that you can ensure getting maximum value for the equipment.


Ground conditions

If you are familiar with the ground type that you will be drilling, you can just focus on choosing rigs that are engineered for faster operation and higher efficiency. However, if it is your first time to work on a site, understanding the different ground conditions that are inherent to it is critical. These will dictate the proper type of rig that you should opt for, the type of core bit that you will need for it, and the crown specifications that will harness the best of the rig for the successful completion of your goals.


Operational conditions

Aside from the ground conditions, the specifications that are involved in your underground drilling should also be considered. For instance, if you are gunning for optimal rate of penetration, the diamond drill rigs for sale in Australia that you should choose should be well-equipped for it. For this purpose, a rig that features a core bit that can cut rock fast is ideal; similarly, one with a good rotation speed is also recommended.


Other operational technicalities should also be used as guides for choosing the drill rigs. The direction and depth of the drill bores that you would be making, for example, can influence the type of rig to be used. If the holes are not going to be that deep, rigs that are engineered for conventional methods will do well. If you’re drilling up, your rig should have a core bit matrix that is higher than the one that you would use for downholes.


Drill features

Speaking of features, your chosen diamond drill rig should also be equipped with the right design features for its successful performance. Typically, most rigs for sale in Australia with diamond core bits come in more compact sizes, as there is normally not a lot of space in underground drill sites. Even so, it is best to choose rigs that have softer matrices as these contain more diamonds that will ease the speed of the operation, as well as the quality of the cuts.


If you are not sure about the specific model that you should choose, do not hesitate to ask your drill rig resource for personalised guidance. They should be able to walk you through the options to help you find the best one that meets your requirements.