Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses: Tips You Need to Know

Through the years, the trends in digital marketing have evolved with new and better strategies that are introduced every year. So, if you have a business and you want to make it big, then hiring a digital marketing agency for small businesses can greatly contribute to your success. Investing in a good company will be one of the best choices you will ever make for your business. Below are is a checklist of the things that you should be looking for in a good company.

Be Clear with what You Want

Before you do your search of finding a good digital marketing agency for small businesses, you need to be very clear of the things you want. You need to understand that digital marketing is a wide area and this involves different approaches such as social media management, SEO marketing, inbound marketing, content management, blogging, website development, and other things. Have a talk with your team and sketch out the services that you are looking for an expert.

Learn about their Digital Expertise

Not all company will have a great office setup or an office with an extreme corporate address. Keep in mind that being not a big name does not equate to having any expertise. For instance, if your company is in the niche of sportswear, then you should hire a reputable marketing agency that specializes in such a niche.

Research on their Past Projects

It is a given that you should learn more about the company. You can do this by having a closer look at their profile to help you in making the final decision. Do not hesitate to take a look at the samples of their work. Check their website, the content on it, and the companies that they have worked with in the past. By knowing these things, you can decide whether to move on with the company or not. Also, find out if the company is aware of the latest techniques and trends in digital marketing.

Get to Know their Employees and Experts

A good agency is formed by creative, enthusiastic, intelligent, and passionate people. It is through the skills of people that can help a brand shine. You can always talk with their marketing experts to learn more about them.

Consider your Budget

Budget is among the most important parts in the process of finding a good marketing agency. Also, asking them for a quotation for their services is a must. You need to make sure that you the services they can offer will be enough for how much you can afford. But it is very important to keep in mind to never compromise the quality of services just for a cheaper price.

Pinterest Tools to Help You Pin Like a Pro


Pinterest is one of the hottest topics in the social media sphere these days.  Everywhere you look online…there it is!  But for those who are looking to maximize the marketability of this media, there are many tools online to help.  Today, we wanted to share several of these tools.

* Adding a Pinterest ‘Follow Me’ button to your email signature. Wisestamp is a free service that makes it easy to add a Pinterest button, along with other social media link icons, to your email signature!

* Adding Pinterest to your WordPress Blog.  The ‘Pin It’ button plugin automatically places a button on the bottom of each post, present and past.  There is also a way to add the button in widgets by installing the shortcode.

* Pinterest Analytics.  If you’re going to be using Pinterest as a marketing tool, it’s important to understand what’s happening behind the scenes.  Pintics is one tool that will help in these analytics.  Though still in beta version, Pintics will manage multiple accounts for you and let you see traffic and sales from your pins. Pretty cool!

* Have an iPhone? Can download the Pinterest App so you can use it anytime…wherever you go!  Browse, Pin & more… any time!

Want to speed up the Pinning process?  Here’s a few sites and apps to help in Chrome!

* Want to pin images using a keyboard shortcut?  Try Pin It.

* Want to enlarge the thumbnails in your recent activity area without having to open the link?  Try Pinterest Recent Activity Expander.

* Want to enlarge images by moving over the image?  Try Pinzy.

* Want to Google something without having to leave the Pinterest site? This search function, Pin Search, allows you to search for photos, etc on Pinterest.

Hope these help! I you are looking for a digital marketing agency that will boost your social media popularity, click here.