A Primer on Yagi Antennas

Yagi antennas are also known as Yagi-Uda antennas. They were named after two inventors who were both Japanese nationals. The technology behind these antennas has found practical application in ham radio and TV reception. It can also serve as a bridge antenna, linking a site to a particular access point on WiFi.

As a driven element, the Yagi system of the antenna comes with a dipole. Normally, the “reflector” can be found behind the driven element and may add the forward gain of around 4dB to 5dB. However, it must be noted that not all Yagi system of antenna comes with or is bundled with a reflector. Should the antenna come with extra directors, it will get an average gain of 1dB.

If they don’t radiate signal, parasitic elements can be added to the main element. This measure will help a lot in altering its performance for the better. The signal amplitude and phase will directly depend upon the parasitic element’s size and spacing with respect to the driven element.

So, what could be the possible advantages of yagi antennas? Can we anticipate any kind of disadvantage from these types of antenna? When is the best time to utilize a Yagi system of antenna?

Yagi Antennas Advantages

When it comes to antennas, we qualify Yagis as somewhat directional. Yagi-uda antennas usually come with a beamwidth of about 50° to 70°. They tend to produce high gain with omnidirectional antennas since they have a natural tendency to focus their input only in one direction. Hence, this explains the reason why they are best to have when it comes to obtaining or receiving signals of lower strength.

The high gain attribute of the Yagi system antenna is working to their advantage in the sense that it is giving them a good range. With respect to their physical size, they tend to have the most gain as opposed to other antennas such as a log-periodic type.

The design for this antenna works in such a way that it effectively filters out signal noise, originating from a completely different or opposite direction. This is the underlying reason why the Yagi system antenna is the right choice to use for high demand applications. A typical example of this is telecommunications.

Yagi system antennas are much easier to aim as opposed to some arrays. The manner in which they are formed and constructed makes it easy for them to get mounted on vertical towers or any other available structure there is.

Normally, Yagi antennas come with a cheaper tag price than their counterpart LP antenna and this is due to the fact that they are simpler when placed side by side with antennas of periodic log type.

Yagi circuit boards can be built, with the use of printed circuit boards, even just by the use of simple rods. Just make it sure though that you have them positioned properly.

Our Collective Observation on Yagi-type of Antenna

You can tell from the manner in which this type of antenna is designed so that they are made for balance, but there are instances this can get disrupted, too. This is likely to occur if you place a balun at the feed joint line, that point where the drive element gets connected.

With respect to the driven element’s design, it can bring about balance or imbalance. Keep in mind that cheap or reasonably priced Yagis are balanced. This eliminates the need for the balun.

If elements will be added to a Yagi type of antenna, it’s a tendency now to increase its directionality. Its focus becomes narrower, but will likely receive a better signal from that particular direction since there is a dramatic improvement in the signal to ratio.

In simple terms, there is a significant reduction on the interference levels, most especially coming from the sides.

Lighting Stores: Visit One to See the Best Lights

Lighting Stores: Visit One to See the Best Lights

For sure most of us have felt how unstable the economy is becoming in today’s time. Instead of buying a new home, people have found some new ways to cut back. One way is to remodel their homes and add new lights to the space to give it a new look and achieve a homey atmosphere. The number of people who utilize lights to increase the aesthetic appeal and function of their homes or even office keeps on increasing. But, where are these lights found?

Finding the Lights

The good thing is that these lights are easily found in lighting stores that are available in different areas. In most places, it is easy to find this type of store around. Most of them are often centralized inside of shopping malls so they can be found easily and more people could visit them.

Every store lay them out in a different way, carrying a wide range of lights coming from different manufacturers. Various models can be found and people can select the ones they need or like. Upon walking into these stores, you will immediately have an idea of fixtures can be found inside.

Options to Choose From

The best thing about these lighting stores is that they have almost anything you need in terms of lighting. For example, if you have to replace your bathroom fixtures there are different types to choose from that are specifically for the bathrooms. The stores also carry 4-6 models of wall-mounted vanity or bathroom fixtures. They come in different finishes like brass, copper, polished chrome, aluminum, brass, wrought iron, and painted in various colors.

In addition, it is possible to buy fixtures depending on the number of light holders, the length of the vanity, or the look that you aim to achieve. These holders are the ones that hold the light bulbs and there are varieties of them available. There are also many designs and shapes to choose from. These wall-mounted fixtures make up a very little number of lighting products that the stores have.

Ceiling-Mounted Fixtures

These types of fixtures, as well as ceiling fans,  belong to the most common lighting fixtures that are used in homes and apartments. There are a lot of ceiling-mounted fixtures that are specifically designed for outdoor areas, living rooms, closets, and laundry rooms. This type of fixtures has different designs and shapes. The stores often carry octagonal, round, rectangular, and square fixtures of various finishes that are similar to the ones in bathrooms.

Family rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, and other rooms also follow the same line of thinking in terms of finishes, colors, sizes, and shapes.  The stores are the best place to visit when you are looking for the right lighting fixture to improve your lighting décor, make your home unique, and achieve your desired atmosphere.

Lighting stores are a great place to look for the right fixture, browse, and dream of the ways to change your lighting decoration to make your home unique. Whatever the look or desire lighting stores can provide everything you need and want to light your home and enhance your décor.

Laird WiFi Antenna: What to Consider when Buying One?

Laird WiFi Antenna: What to Consider when Buying One?

The advancements in the new technology has allowed us to utilize a range of gadgets like smartphones. Interestingly, these gadgets can communicate wirelessly and given this, the use of wireless antennas have become so popular just like a laird wifi Antenna. Whether in the office or at home, it has become convenient for people to use devices that make use of such antenna to communicate with each other.

What are Wi-Fi Antennas?

These are antennas that are much better compared to the traditional ones. A Laird wifi antenna for example, can send and receive RF signals. In addition, wireless networks function when radio transmission is being sent through a specific frequency.

A listening device receives the signal that has been transmitted. The examples of wireless devices include laptops, routers, and smartphones. Such devices feature a built-in radio signal receiver and sender. The antenna receives the incoming signal that also radiates outgoing signals.

Antennas that are found in routers could be mounted externally. But there are some types that are installed within an electronic device. If you will purchase a wi-fi antenna, be sure to keep the following things in mind.


Antennas come in a range of designs for you to choose from. Based on your room’s design, you can choose a specific design. Be sure that the one you pick will match with your room.


This is a very important factor to consider when buying an antenna. Good thing that there are different types of wireless antennas that come with a lot of features. You can choose either a wide-band or a multi-band design. If you need to cover a larger area, then you will be needing a more powerful type of antenna.


These are the types of antennas that are considered to be powerful and receive signals at 360-degrees. In most cases, you will find such antennas in Wi-fi routers and cellphones.

Dipole or Directional

As its name says, these are the kinds of antennas that transmit signals in the pointed direction. These have a long range and could be a great choice if you are living in a place that is far from the place where you want to receive the signal from.

If you are in the process of upgrading your wireless antenna so you can avoid signal reception problems, be sure to consider the above information.

After having the upgrade by choosing the best quality antenna, your device would be able to work more efficiently. But of course, it is still important to keep in mind that your antennas are available to help with signal concentration. By keeping all these important things in mind, you will be able to have a kind of antenna that will meet your needs.

White Ceiling Fan: The Pros of Adding it Into Your Home

White Ceiling Fan

When the summer season comes, there is always a challenge to keep a balance between keeping the house cool while lowering the electric bill. If there is one thing that can do both, it would be a white ceiling fan. The use of ceiling fans has proven to be an excellent solution to stay cool in the summer without having to worry about the high cost of electricity bills. Here are some of the benefits of using a ceiling fan that will convince you to invest in one, too.

Ceiling Fans can Keep you Warm and Cool

A ceiling fan works by pushing air in a downward position to create a breeze that helps to cool the skin through evaporation. However, during winter time, the blades could be reversed or you can change the direction of its rotation. This allows the fan to pull air upwards. As warm air rises, it pulls cool air upward, thus forcing warm air down and distributes the heat evenly in the room to make it warmer.

Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills

As a white ceiling fan can make the room cooler and evenly distributes heat, this means that your thermostats could be kept at a high temperature during summer and lower in winter. In addition, having well-circulated air can help maintain a constant temperature. This means that the thermostat doesn’t have to cycle on and off and your AC and furnace does not have to work as hard.

Can Be Used Outdoors

Another great advantage of using a ceiling fan is the fact that it can cool indoors and outdoors. This is also a great way to lower the temperature in outdoor or semi-outdoor space such as the patio, porch, outdoor kitchen, deck, or sunroom. In the same way that it works outdoors, ceiling fans for outdoor use circulate air to cool the skin and the moving air even helps drive insects away.

A Source of Ambient Light

The majority of ceiling fans can be either built-in light or a light kit that could be used to install a light to the fan’s center. Since they are often placed in the center of the room where you would install a flush-mount light. This means that the ceiling fan can double its use as ambient lighting. An additional bonus is that it can add more value to the home as it offers functionality as a lighting fixture.

Many people may not instantly realize the benefits that a ceiling fan can offer. They would often think that it simply cools the room. But, if you are looking for a great solution for the hot summer days without worrying about your electric bills, then giving it a try will definitely be worth it.

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Reasons to Choose Downlight LED

Today, people are very budget-conscious and everyone is doing whatever they can just to reduce their expenses, especially when it comes to their electricity bill. With this, it is necessary to consider the kind of lighting that we have in our workplaces and homes. In order to address the situation, one way is to get rid of your old and inefficient incandescent light bulbs and replace with an energy-saving LED light. One of the most popular options at present is the installation of downlight LED and here are the reasons why.


Downlight LED is noticeably a lot more energy-efficient when compared to the old school types of bulbs which are known to be energy-hungry. An incandescent globe for example has an average lifespan of not over 1000 hours. On the other hand, a LED bulb could last from 25, 000- 50, 000 hours. So, what does this big difference mean? While LEDs are initially expensive compared to a compact fluorescent light bulb or a halogen globe, the savings can be up to 90% on energy consumption. This means that more money gets to stay in your pocket over time.


Environment- Friendly

AS it produces lesser energy, LED globes also produce less greenhouse emissions and less landfill. This is because we don’t have to go as many of them as we would normally do with incandescent lights. This is such a big help to the planet.


Better for the Family

LED downlights do not have Mercury, which is often found in CFLs. This means that it is easier to clean them and in case of breaking, does not cause health risks to the family and pets.


Lighting for Different Situations

Whether you want to have a strong source of light right above to complete your project or just a bit of it for mood lighting like when having intimate dinners, LED downlights are a great source. This can even be applied to almost any type of room. You can adjust them depending on the situation. Moreover, LEDs offer instant brightness so no need to wait until they warm up.


Sleek and Stylish

If you are not a fan of having fixtures that are hanging from the ceiling a LED downlight will appeal more to you as the come in simple yet sleek and stylish designs. They are often installed in a way that they would appear like part of the ceiling, instead of being attached to it. There are different designs to choose from also, so you can always choose one that appeal most to your taste and personality and will complement the overall look of your room.

With all the benefits brought by LED lights, it’s no wonder why they are so popular today. So, if you want a change in the look of your place without having to sacrifice money and the environment, you will never for wrong with them.

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