What are the Drilling Techniques Used in Ice Core Sampling?

Drilling on land has its counterpart. If drilling work is to be carried out on a blanket of ice, an ice core drilling process can be employed. There are several drill techniques currently used for this purpose considering the fact that drilling through solid ice is a pretty arduous task. 

Most ice drilling projects involve getting through the oldest ice. Hence, drilling through the ice to reach its core, near the ice divide, is done. Ice divides are usually located at some distance, far away from the ocean and research bases. 

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For purposes of education on this subject, here are some of the employed drilling techniques used in ice drilling. 

The Hand Auger

Of all the drill systems available in the industry today this, by far, is considered by those involved in the business as the simplest and the lightest of them all. It is capable of collecting 74 mm diameter core from the surface of 10-meter firn (firn – this is a phase between ice and snow). The drill itself consists of an ice-cutter containing a drill head that takes on the job of drilling into the firn. The core barrel, responsible for holding the core intact upon pulling to surface, connects the rods so they will extend to a depth of at least 10 meters. 

The entire system can be held inside 2 relatively easy-to-carry boxes, each box weighing about 80 kg. This allows for easy deployment with, say, a small aircraft. 

The drill will cut away a ring off the firn while rotating, and by virtue of the natural gravity, it will descend deeper and deeper. And as it goes deeper, it will fill the central cavity with an unblemished firn core. The operator can pull the core barrel up to the surface when it is already full. After 15 “runs”, it will have a total of 10 meters long and 74 mm diameter firn core would have been brought to the surface. The cores, upon completion, will be fitted together, labeled, measured. Later on, they will be packed inside custom ice core boxes, ready for shipping back to a lab for further analysis.  

The Shallow Drill 

In terms of their sizes, a shallow drill system is considerably heavier, larger, and more complex. Deploying a complete setup, together with spares, tools, and a power generator system, everything will weigh around 800 kg. The weight is estimated to go around 10 times the hand auger. You can place a shallow drill on 2 Nansen sledges and it can be towed using a ski-doo. A small plane also can be used if you want to transport them to what can be considered as less accessible drill locations.  

Much like the hand auger, this type of ice drilling system collects at least a minimum of 74 mm diameter core, starting at 2 meters below the ground surface. As for the descent, it would be a maximum of 350 meters down. 

We qualify this drill technique for ice core as an electromechanical drill, raised and lowered by an electrical winch. The surface’s tilting tower will help in easing drill handling and core extraction.  

As for the drill head and core barrel, they share a certain level of similarity to the hand auger on this aspect. However, the core barrel is usually contained within another outer core barrel, but this will never rotate, though, while drilling work is in progress. Vertical grooves found lining the outer core and thick spirals on the outside significantly help in transporting the chippings of drilled ice to the core barrel top part. From here they will be contained inside a plastic insert at the top of the core. The drilled core segments measure up to 1 meter in length.  

Success in ice core drilling lies in the effective use of known drilling techniques. The most widely used ones took several decades to develop and were built based on the experience, knowledge and hard work of many people. Different kinds of drills may be required when working on varying drilling depths since conditions are likely to change with respect to depth through the ice cap.  

Why It Is Important to Keep A Machinery Maintenance Log?

Every business, no matter which sector it belongs to, depends on the use and capacity of the equipment. The downtime or unavailability of devices prospects to time wastage and possibly lost product sales. This is exactly why taking excellent care of the machine should be a high priority.

Nevertheless, it can be challenging to be sure that all these vital assets are maintained and inspected as frequently as necessary. It’s essential to keep a machinery maintenance log for many reasons.

machine repair

Why is Machinery Maintenance Log A Must?

1. It raises the resale price of the equipment

Proper upkeep and tracing of the gear upkeep log help the equipment of yours to work in optimum condition. Keeping a record also attests to be helpful when you opt to upgrade your current gear with the latest versions.

What specifically impacts the resale choice for a customer is learning regarding the care place into the gear by the prior owner. Keeping data of repairs as well as maintenance assists to outline a clearer image for the customer about the interest offered to the property to always maintain it in the very best feasible condition.

Keeping a revised product upkeep history may seem complex. Nevertheless, the equipment tracking program makes it easy and simple. It will keep putting in specifics of each and all your gear goes through, therefore maintaining the repairs and maintenance files updated on all of the occasions.

Moreover, well-documented maintenance raises the worth of the old gear as in comparison to other used gear which does not have any maintenance records. In order to capitalize on resale value, consistent and complete history of anything, such as fix schedules, use logs, and upkeep records, is important. The records help increase the buyer’s trust in the seller’s assets.

2. This saves the initial costs

Having a comprehensive equipment upkeep log tells you once the time is best to change the machine. This, in turn, will help money is saved by you. The information which is gathered through time unveils displays of disappointment, spending, and fix.

Let us think a piece of gear is likely to break down every two weeks. Such costs $2500 per season to restore. Rather than tossing money away on the maintenance of its, it is going to be much more cost-effective to merely change that computer for $4000. This is not to mention, purchasing a brand-new device is going to come with equipment improvement along with a completely new warranty, therefore reducing costs as well as tools breakdowns.

On the flip side, with gear maintenance program you may also learn that upkeep is a great deal cheaper than really replacing the entire equipment. The lack of appropriate maintenance captures can lead to regular unexpected downtimes. Such downtimes will inevitably end up in skipping due dates, stopping the lines of production and holding employees idle.

In addition to all that, you also must spend technician’s overtime for such unpredicted disaster and the additional cash for immediate delivery of parts.

3. This identifies the trends across makes, versions, or components

The gear upkeep log throws some light on the typical trends in your gear across styles, elements, makes, workers and other things. The information on gear upkeep log tracked through a maintenance management formula spotlights which models and makers of specific equipment incur probably the lowest price per hour of possession.

On the other hand, there could be a portion of the exact same design of a machine that requires constant substitution after a comparable selection of mileage or hours. By doing this you can expect the replacement or maybe fixes are likely to be needed at the same period for the exact same design of gear approximating its benchmark.

The insight can assist businesses to understand the components which are essential in order to do repairs and replacement before any gear failure.

Know These Now Before You Buy a Used Hot Tub with Australian Spa Parts

When you are itching to buy a used hot tub or swim spa with Australian spa parts, should you give in right away and buy the item on a whim or no? Would you be able to get value for your money, should you give it some careful thoughts first before giving it a go? Here is what you can do in this kind of scenario.

It is normal for any shopper to be on a constant lookout for what he considers a good deal — and people who are in a quest for an outdoor swim spa or hot tub with Australian spa parts are no different. Most of the time, the essence of deal-getting would just conveniently translate to you in the market of the second-hand swim spa and hot tub items.

But for your own good, never allow yourself to go on a hunt for a good buy of a refurbished hot tub or swim spa without knowing first what you should be looking for. If you are likely to give this option some thought, we are taking the initiative of letting you know some of the most frequently asked questions with regard to buying and acquiring a second hand swim spa or hot tub. You should pay attention to some of the red flags and how you can veer away from getting hosed on a bad deal.

Where to Find Good Second Hand Hot Tub and Swim Spa? 

Normally, dealers will seldom bother in offering their clientele used swim spas or hot tubs. But for those who do, you will realize they often have large mark-up values relative to how much they purchased those items for.

Dealers would buy used hot tubs at a very cheap amount. They do this on purpose so they can have room for spending money on necessary labor and repair costs. After which, the items in question will be in their sellable condition.

One major advantage of buying a refurbished hot tub or swim spa is that you can get the item at a cheaper amount and if you are lucky enough, they can even come along with some warranty.

However, there is one setback in this kind of scenario that you need to be aware of and thus should watch out for — you might eventually find yourself paying almost exactly the same amount as you would on a brand new unit. This kind of deal is likely to give you fewer problems in the long run.

Local Classifieds: Are They Good Enough for This?

Regardless if the local classified ads you are pertaining to is online or on paper, we always consider them as a good resource, a great option to have when trying to look for a good hot tub or swim spa unit. The trick you need to do here is to identify a refurbished swim spa or hot tub that is operational and well-taken or properly maintained.  It takes some good amount of skill and time to find the right item in perfect condition.

Online Auction Sites, Are They Good Option?

Unless you will opt for a local pick-up, we’d be discouraging you from taking your chances in any online auction sites such as eBay. We can see 2 major concerns that are likely to arise from this type of online purchase.

First, you don’t have the opportunity of physically scrutinizing the hot tub or swim spa with Australian spa parts itself before placing your purchase. Second, long-distance shipping of purchased items can be very costly. Some online sellers would have to pay for shipping if you are overseas.

Besides the possible shipping woes of purchased items, which is a common concern among online auction sites, it is also possible that your purchased item, while in transit, would acquire cosmetic damage. If there is some type of cosmetic damage to the item, it will cost you a good amount of money on fixes in any case you find returning it to the seller a hassle and time-consuming.

Make Your Property Styling Furniture Create an Illusion of More Space

If you want to put your home in the property market and want to sell it at a premium amount, you’d have better chances of achieving this goal by incorporating the use of property styling furniture to your home staging concept.

Home staging work is at its best if your styling concepts and overall design can make your potential buyer see your indoor space as an open and welcoming space for them. Before you set out on any styling effort, evaluate first how your home feels and what your indoor spaces look like? Do you have a cluttered up space here and there?

You may have a small space inside your home and all, but do not use this as your license or have it as an excuse to have them all look like all cramped up. Cramped space will make any room look smaller, and that is a turnoff to your potential buyers. Know that there are a handful of ways that you add visual square feet to your indoor spaces.


One of the simplest and easiest ways to make an indoor space look larger is by rearranging your furnishings. Sometimes, replacing furniture would be necessary especially for items that are bulky and consuming a huge amount of space. With a little amount of know-how, you can make your furniture de-emphasize a weak spot in your home. Likewise, you can also use it to highlight a particular strength in your home.

To give you some ideas on how to use your furniture in adding up some visual square feet to the small spaces inside your home, you might want to consider the following pointers.

Replace Your Oversize Furnishings

Chances are high that might be harboring some dilapidated or unused, out-of-style furniture pieces. Maybe it is about time that you let them go, and you can replace them instead with lighter weight pieces with a lighter color. Normally what buyers would look into what they can see. It is very scarce that you will see property hunters who are capable of envisioning what could be. 

Worn out furniture pieces inside your home may send the wrong signal to potential buyers. They would interpret such pieces as evidential tokens of neglect of the owner. Thus, a good possibility that the home itself or other areas of it might be in exactly the same condition. 

If you want to buy new pieces, discard the old ones. Too much furniture in a single area will make it look smaller than it really is. 

Use Furniture Pieces to Define Rooms

If there are unused rooms inside your house, a wisely selected furniture will help you repurpose it. This is important because an extra room that is functional and furnished at the same time will help in adding more value to your home. 

Like for instance, if you have an empty basement, transform it instead into a yoga room or a mini-gym. A nice and easy rubber padding will help do the trick here and put in some comfy pillows and you have your own yoga center. And then with some creativity you can set-up in one corner a small table with a chair, transforming the space into a comfy and inviting reading spot.  

comfortable living room

Allow a Burst of Natural Daylight into a Room

Nothing can brighten up a room inside your house, both in the literal and figurative sense, than by allowing the natural light of the sun to disperse inside a room in your house. Natural light will make an area look bright and lively. Therefore, we’d discourage you from blocking the sunlight with furniture, instead let it in. 

If you need to incorporate chairs and tables to your home staging concept, consider placing them instead near walls that don’t have any windows at all. This way your windows would remain bare, and the sun’s light will come in unhindered. The light of the sun will liven up a bland and gray looking room inside your house, and with your property styling furniture packages arranged in such a way that they don’t look very cumbersome your hard effort in styling a house for sale will pay off well for you.

What Does Drill Rig Companies Look Into First When They Buy New Drill Rigs

According to the top global drill rig companies, drill rigs and proper drilling equipment are paramount to success in the oil mineral exploration drilling business. They are considered essential and must-haves, otherwise you will not be able to win in your drill project bids. And even if you win bids, you won’t have the means to complete your contracts. Since no amount of money is getting to your business coffers, you will realize that you would be struggling with the financial aspect of your business. 

Investing in a new drill rig can be qualified as a big, major decision to make. There are a handful of factors and variables that are likely to be impacted by this. But before you proceed, there is one important question that you need to deal with. “Am I going to make money with this drill rig? Or no?”. 

A reliable and dependable operations manager knows which of your valves, engines, or assemblies need immediate replacement. Usually, they also have an accurate idea of how much it would cost to rebuild the drill rigs in a fleet. If the amount of money to be used for the rebuilding process is in close range to the money one needs to shell out to buy or acquire a new drill rig, a full-blown audit should be underway, too. 

This will necessitate proper and thorough inspection of the drill rigs as well as an assessment of various spare parts that are in stock. Not to mention also is checking or validating maintenance records to obtain a more accurate cost comparison to get a drill rig working again.  

So here are some of the important things one needs to look into first before making any decision to buy any drilling rig for sale Australian products. 

New Technology

If your current drill rig is quite old, deciding to buy and acquire a brand new drill rig will give you a chance to drill more productively in the coming years. It is a fact, and this one’s not necessarily disputable, that newer drill rigs are more productive giving you more reliable uptime. In addition to all that, they also come packed with a handful of built-in safety features. This last one is in complete contrast to older rigs, though. 

With the current mine safety requirements that the authorities are imposing in the minefield exploration industry, a brand new rig will help you become compliant to those newly rolled out requirements where an older drill rig will just fail in. Sometimes this may even cost a drilling contractor the elusive contract award.  


oil rigs

Used and much older drill rigs are more prone to breakdown more often, which is in contrast when you have much newer rigs instead. If downtime is a usual event in your drilling projects, it would be detrimental to your hard-earned contracts for drilling projects. 

If there is a slowdown on your productivity, this will induce your costs to pile up. It will also affect your rig uptime contractual obligations and drill rig repair. A well maintained and properly operated drilling fleet fuel up your productivity, but it will also prevent you as a contractor from getting evicted or written off a drilling project contract or site.  


The oil refining market these days is improving well and good. This signifies that every one of us can expect to receive much longer lead times, regardless if you are rebuilding something else or plans on buying new.  If the market is low or in decline trend, anticipate that inventory would be higher and lead times would be reduced. 

While the market is catching up and the number of contracts increases, the inventory would be lower and plants would be more preoccupied in building more drill rigs, and finally, there would be more lead times. Ultimately, lead times would be varying with respect to the manufacturer. 

Why Consider Buying New Drill Rigs? 

Devote time in considering all the options that you have. Assess your current drill rig fleet and ponder upon everything you might need to get done so everything will be well maintained and updated to keep your competitive edge intact. 

Is your drilling rig taking advantage of recent innovations and developments? Is it on par with the latest safety standards? If you can with your own eyes that repair works outweigh the returns, it is high time that you consider updating your fleet. 

The primary reason why you should make it a goal to buy new equipment versus used equipment for your business, regardless if you are in the oil mine exploration sphere or not, is to improve your productivity levels, further enhance safety, and for long term reliability.  

A Primer on Yagi Antennas

Yagi antennas are also known as Yagi-Uda antennas. They were named after two inventors who were both Japanese nationals. The technology behind these antennas has found practical application in ham radio and TV reception. It can also serve as a bridge antenna, linking a site to a particular access point on WiFi.

As a driven element, the Yagi system of the antenna comes with a dipole. Normally, the “reflector” can be found behind the driven element and may add the forward gain of around 4dB to 5dB. However, it must be noted that not all Yagi system of antenna comes with or is bundled with a reflector. Should the antenna come with extra directors, it will get an average gain of 1dB.

If they don’t radiate signal, parasitic elements can be added to the main element. This measure will help a lot in altering its performance for the better. The signal amplitude and phase will directly depend upon the parasitic element’s size and spacing with respect to the driven element.

So, what could be the possible advantages of yagi antennas? Can we anticipate any kind of disadvantage from these types of antenna? When is the best time to utilize a Yagi system of antenna?

Yagi Antennas Advantages

When it comes to antennas, we qualify Yagis as somewhat directional. Yagi-uda antennas usually come with a beamwidth of about 50° to 70°. They tend to produce high gain with omnidirectional antennas since they have a natural tendency to focus their input only in one direction. Hence, this explains the reason why they are best to have when it comes to obtaining or receiving signals of lower strength.

The high gain attribute of the Yagi system antenna is working to their advantage in the sense that it is giving them a good range. With respect to their physical size, they tend to have the most gain as opposed to other antennas such as a log-periodic type.

The design for this antenna works in such a way that it effectively filters out signal noise, originating from a completely different or opposite direction. This is the underlying reason why the Yagi system antenna is the right choice to use for high demand applications. A typical example of this is telecommunications.

Yagi system antennas are much easier to aim as opposed to some arrays. The manner in which they are formed and constructed makes it easy for them to get mounted on vertical towers or any other available structure there is.

Normally, Yagi antennas come with a cheaper tag price than their counterpart LP antenna and this is due to the fact that they are simpler when placed side by side with antennas of periodic log type.

Yagi circuit boards can be built, with the use of printed circuit boards, even just by the use of simple rods. Just make it sure though that you have them positioned properly.

Our Collective Observation on Yagi-type of Antenna

You can tell from the manner in which this type of antenna is designed so that they are made for balance, but there are instances this can get disrupted, too. This is likely to occur if you place a balun at the feed joint line, that point where the drive element gets connected.

With respect to the driven element’s design, it can bring about balance or imbalance. Keep in mind that cheap or reasonably priced Yagis are balanced. This eliminates the need for the balun.

If elements will be added to a Yagi type of antenna, it’s a tendency now to increase its directionality. Its focus becomes narrower, but will likely receive a better signal from that particular direction since there is a dramatic improvement in the signal to ratio.

In simple terms, there is a significant reduction on the interference levels, most especially coming from the sides.

How Do Plasma Cutters Work?

We all agree that metal is a material of extreme importance and value. History tells us that mankind has been using different kinds of metals for various reasons and different purposes. It helped usher our communities to develop. Today, we use it as the main support element in building structures such as homes, buildings, bridges, etc.

This is one of the many reasons why we had it for centuries, and there is nothing yet on hand that will make us abandon the idea of metal usage. The valuable role of metal in our nation-building effort is one reason why it is considered as the go-to substance of many of us when producing some important features and structures.

If that serves as the strength of metal, it can also become its weakness in such a way that they are not very easy to mold and manipulate. Hence, industries and business entities rely on the use and help of heavy machinery to help them move, cut and manipulate their required conductive materials. At this point, plasma cutters can come into the picture and provide the help you need in carrying out a variety of tasks.

What is a Plasma Cutter?

Before you can have a full understanding of what this state-of-art material cutting method does, it is crucial to know first what plasma is. From elementary science, we learned from our science teachers that matter comes in three forms, namely: solid, liquid, and gas. But there is a 4th state of matter, which is plasma.

The state of plasmacam Australia made can be achieved this way. Say, for instance, you have ice (solid). By applying energy (heat), the ice would eventually melt (liquid). If you will continue to apply energy to its liquid form, its steam is formed (gas) and the right amount of heat applied to this gas plasma state can be reached.

Plasma cutting machines are indispensable cutting tools. They can easily glide and cut through tough objects including metals such as metals aluminum, steel, brass, and copper. The good thing about it is that it is very little to no amount of resistance. Employing this technique in the welding process allows fabricators to achieve cleaner sliced lines for their projects and at the same expectations to have sturdier constructions.

Perfecting the Production Flow

The manufacturing industry today is quite different from how it was in yesteryears. The introduction of plasma cutting technology brought about favorable changes to this space and too many other sectors of the business community, starting from construction firms down to auto shops and locksmiths, etc. With further development over the years, the capability and the design of these instruments also took on another level.

Plasmacam Australia cutting machines fall into two classifications. They are either manual or mechanized. A manual plasma cutting tool is typically hand-held and may only cut through a handful of specific types of metal. While these cutting instruments offer versatility and are on the smaller side, they allow users to experience greater convenience in carrying out their welding tasks. They may enjoy a good reputation.

Even if they are quite known to deliver high-performing amperage, fabricators normally utilize them in projects that involve only light-metal applications. Meanwhile, for the mechanized plasma cutter, these are the tools that you can use for large scale jobs. These pieces of equipment are built with more features and render your cutting project more convenient to carry out when used in conjunction with cutting tables.

Industrial Machine Repairs for Long Term Use

Preventive and regular industrial machine repairs critical to the productivity and lifelong of huge machinery. The large machine makes it possible for conventional industries to figure on an outsized scale. Agriculture and mining are some of the worldwide industries that might not exist in the present time at the dimensions they are doing without the utilization of giant machinery to help their operations.

Advantages of Industrial Machine Repairs and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance keeps the price of the machine. Keeping equipment in their best good working condition prolong their life and keeps workers safe. It also guarantees the availability of the machine.

Early discovery of problems lets repairs to be made before things worsen. Machines that do not have to be taken offline for massive repairs will prevent production disruptions. Regular inspection, as well as analysis, are often used to calculate and stop component failures which can create safety dangers and machinery interruptions.

Scheduled equipment overhauls and preventive maintenance can help lessen the possibilities of industrial machinery interruption and thus reduces the risks that engineers face in onsite repairs. Accidents within the work environment are also substantially reduced.

The following are some tips for large equipment maintenance.

1. Keep Daily Use Records and Supervise Operation

Industrial equipment may wear down or breakdown and these are usually worsened by untrained use. Keeping records of machine use and supervising daily operations could pinpoint when and where the machine is getting employed by inadequately trained operators.

A new because of supervising the processes of giant machinery through GPS. This device traces movement and documents it in digital records that are arranged to be easily recovered. Problems are often discovered early, then breakdowns are often prevented.

2. Keep a Schedule of Proposed Maintenance

Parts break down, and wear is unavoidable. Establish projections for the expected lifetime of all components and replace them on schedule. Part replacement must be done by knowledgeable technicians.

Bearings are crucial elements of heavy equipment and should be easily broken or worn. Bearing casings need to be maintained regularly including inspection for corrosion and wear and replaced when necessary. A maintenance log should even be kept making sure regular checks aren’t missed and conformity is measured.

3. Grease and Clean Regularly

Working large machinery needs daily maintenance. Some elements, especially the moving components in engines, as well as power trains need regular lubrication. Other elements, like bearings and hydraulic lifts, need to be monitored and greased at the first sign of need.

Contamination could cause machinery failure. Water could also be a serious source of rust. Lubrication inhibits corrosion. Preserving the seals and substituting the filters would assist to keep lubricants contaminant free.

4. Check and Observe Components for Any Wear and Damage

A planned upkeep schedule could predict component wear. Be sure to inspect components on a regular basis to observe wear and stop breakdown. Components that possess to urge replaced before schedule might be a sign of a much bigger problem that has got to be detected.

Check pulleys, belts, and chains for their alignment, as well as condition. Inspect the sprockets and gears for any cracks, broken teeth and misalignment.

5. Safeguard Machine During Storage

Big machines need to be kept under cover every time possible. Motors, mixers, turbines and other machines need to be rotated regularly. Inspect unused machinery for condensation, rust, and contamination. Do not forget to ascertain all lubricant types. Oil-mist lubrication could also be an honest resolution for the harmful effects of humid and warm environments.

What Makes Sonic Drill Different from Air Mud Rotary Drilling?

When embarking on a brand new project, selecting what type of drilling method to use, whether you should go for sonic drill or air mud rotary drilling, is a decision of an undeniable importance. Choosing the right drilling method to use is critical as it does have a direct impact on the overall outcome of a project. 

There are several things that you will need to factor in when making a decision on this aspect such as what your project goals are, the schedule you mind to be mindful of, and lastly, groundwater and geologic conditions you will be working in. 

drilling projects

If you are slated to take on drilling boreholes, or you are going to work on a more challenging geologic formation anytime soon, sonic drilling and rotary drilling are likely going to be your top choices. 

Yes, that is going to be a tough call when you don’t know exactly what makes them distinct from each other.  

Sonic Drilling and Rotary Drilling Types: How Do They Work?

In rotary drilling, the borehole is being advanced by virtue of impact energy. This normally originates from below or above impact ground hammer you’re using and melding them all together with the rotation intended to macerate the drill formation. As for the cuttings on the drill formation, you can eliminate them from the borehole using only circulating water or compressed air. 

If the ground working conditions you are dealing are unstable, bentonite, a type of additive, can be mixed into the water. By utilizing air, the cuttings can be blown toward the catchment and funneled to a settling pit using mud or water. After this, the cuttings will be recycled to the borehole again.  

In sonic drilling, the borehole is advanced using resonant frequency vibrations. By this measure, the drill bit formations can be fluidized. Sonic head vibrations at the drill string move quickly up and down, with an intense drill bit vibration. 

Resonant “sonic” frequencies around 50 – 200 Hertz are audible and thus can be managed so you can make them fit the formation type you are dealing with. 

Rotation is optional and may be included when already dealing with harder or more challenging, difficult geologic formations. Sonic drilling is the most ideal drilling method to use when you are working on a drilling project that involves difficult  or very challenging drilling conditions.  

The Advantages And Possible Disadvantages of Sonic Drilling

The advancement of the borehole in sonic drilling is somehow comparable to rotary. The method offers a high level of effectiveness even in the most difficult of drilling conditions like boulders, gravel,  landfill or fill. It also works well in softer formations such as weathered basalt and sandstone limestone. 

When it comes to drilling waste, sonic drilling is likely to produce 10% less to what can be normally expected to be produced by rotary drilling. The vibration that is usually identified with a sonic type of drilling will ease the removal of casing intended for grouting projects.

Also by utilizing air, borehole wall smearing is alleviated to a great extent for environmental and geotechnical sampling. 

The surrounding formation in sonic drilling worksite can be disruptive to surrounding rock or ground formations. It also runs the risk of inducing new fractures to start appearing on a hard, unconsolidated bedrock which may hurt the structural or aquifer testing. 

This is among the reasons why sonic drilling is not very much practical option to use when your drilling projects involve dealing with hard bedrock or shallow borings. 

Sonic drilling, much like any other drilling method there is, generates heat. There are many geologic conditions where this can bring about changes in the moisture conditions or texture of the rock formations. Fortunately, there is a workaround on this side effect, and that can be seen when you make use of drilling liquid. 

3D Printing and Its Role in the Textile Industry

With technology, possibilities are limitless. We can attest to it as if we have to compare our lives ten years ago, we have a much better one now. One reason for such is the rise of 3D printing. Its advancing technical possibilities have made developments possible. This has revolutionized trade and production in many fields, such as the fashion and textile industry.

With the use of a 3D printer, shoes and clothes have come out in a more individualized way. With this, new and more possibilities have opened for more functional textiles and take the process to new and better applications.

3D Printing: Its Role in the Fashion Industry

The 3D printing technology is changing the value chain in the world of fashion, from simple design and prototyping to finished products and delivery. The technology is a major factor in the development of the textile industry.

Reduced Cost with 3D Simulation

Designers are acknowledging the benefits of the said technology. Designers design products with the use of two-dimensional materials then create cost-intensive prototypes, as well as sample collections before the product can proceed to mass production.

Such cost drivers can be replaced with virtual 3D simulation. The software is mature enough that it is possible to make test cuts on virtual size avatars, colors, and patterns. The movements and folds of the avatars are realistically simulated.

This simulation helps make the creation of the collection a lot faster, more cost-effective, and more accurate. In case the production of the prototype is shortened, waiting and idle times are eliminated, and it is possible to have variants anytime. With this, companies can enjoy more flexibility and allow them to react faster to the latest trends.

virtual 3D simulation

Online Trading

The technology is mainly driven by online trading that hopes that the avatars in webshops would solve the massive problem in returns. The data material for the said avatars of the simulation is obtained from cost-intensive and complex measurements. With this, the human body date becomes digitally available that makes 3D simulation more useful for the development of collections.

Such digitalization in the textile industry and development of 3D and 4D technology is leading to a stronger and better change in the industry. Soon, we can expect tailor-made products that would become more realistic for consumers. With this, production would be replaced by flexible production facilities that reach the point of sale, as well as innovative applications for a smart and functional textile. Moreover, the environment could benefit from the elimination of textile waste that is generated during production, as well as transport routes.

For years now, technology has made some of the biggest contributions in the fashion and textile industry that we are all enjoying at this present time. But we can only expect to see more great things to happen with the help of this technology. It will not only contribute to the textile industry, but even in the medical and dental field, education, engineering, agriculture, and so many other fields.