Treating Algae in Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks

Treating Algae in Poly Diesel Fuel Tanks

It is one thing to find that your poly diesel fuel tank has algae in it. But it is a different story, another ball game to face if you try to remove them and keep them out for good.  This is one game you can’t afford to be on the losing end because at stake here is it would perpetually cause your headache.  

It is pretty simple and straightforward to address diesel fuel algae, provided of course that what you have at hand is the right solution. By saying simple, what we exactly mean here is you follow these recommendations we have outlined here. Doing so will work to your advantage and will give you a good chance to put this kind of problem right behind you.  

Remove the Water from Your Poly Diesel Fuel Tank

This is the most crucial step when it comes to getting rid of algae in your fuel tank. These microorganisms, together with microbes, have a dire need for water and moisture in order to thrive and survive. Let us say that your tank contains about half an inch of water, you then need to find ways to drain that amount of water out. 

After which, follow up with the use of a water-absorbing chemical compound. This measure would help in cleaning up the rest. Skimping this part runs the risk of putting your effort in vain. So, therefore, have diligence on this and see to it that the remaining water in your tank will be taken out.  

Apply a Biocide and Veer Away from the Use of Generic Water Treatment

We are not going to contradict ourselves here after suggesting that you clean up and clear away with the use of chemical treatment. Please note that it is not intended to destroy the microbes but rather to fix the environment so that it will be harder for them to flourish due to the absence of water. 

Only with the use of a high-grade biocide will you be able to address your tank’s active microbial contamination. Take caution though on its use because fuel biocides belong to the heavily guarded, controlled and regulated substances because they are capable of extinguishing every active living organism regardless of the liquid they are applied in. 

Ensure Best Mixing By Blending the Fuel Thoroughly

You can’t just pour biocide into your poly diesel fuel tank,  on top of your existing fuel and leave it as is hoping that it will diffuse down on its own, and carry out what it is expected to do. What the industrial bulk fuel users normally will do i0s to inject the biocide directly into the fuel line. Doing so will give them a good level of assurance that biocide will get mixed in, effectively.

Biocide will not work effectively if it is not in contact with what it is supposed to exterminate. This explains the reason why it needs to get mixed into your fuel and make it blend in really well.  It would be a great thing if you have a way of injecting into the fuel line. 

What others will do instead is to add the biocide and let it sink in, circulating for some time, which also works pretty well. And finally, see to it also that you have some extra fuel filters on stand by, to help you out on filtering dead microbes. Heed the above recommendations and you are likely to have better chances of getting things right the first time.  

Water Jet Cutting Versus LaserJet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting Versus LaserJet Cutting

Water jet cutting and laser jet cutting are two of the most widely used cutting processes by manufacturers today.  Depending on what kind of material is being cut, any one of these methods would be advisable to use for a given application. In order to determine their optimal performance, it would be wiser to determine first what their ultimate differences are as well as the materials that are known they work well with.

Laser Cutting

A laser cutter method or machine will rely on a gas laser to operate. Typically this method requires CO2  for energy. It will be transmitted via a beam and will be directed by mirrors and guide it to the material. With CO2 laser, the source of the laser is situated inside the machine itself. As for the beam itself, it can create an output ranging between 1500 and 2600 Watts. If you are thinking of making use of laser cutting technology,  aside from precision and safety, you also need to take into account materials and applications.

Materials and Applications

You can make laser cutter to work with a number of materials including glass, wood, plastic and all kinds of metals, with the exception of the reflective types. However, if you are having a material comprising of materials that have different melting points, it would be quite challenging to cut through a laser.

The natural tendency of the laser method of cutting is they do well in cutting materials whose thickness ranges between 0.12” and 0.4”. Laser cutting machines are usually used to cut sheets of steel with a medium thickness.

Aside from cutting, some other typical applications for CO2  laser cutters are drilling, welding, ablation, engraving, and structuring.  

Water Jet Cutting

Unlike the laser cutting method, waterjet cutting machines involved the use of pressurized water for them to cut through a material. Hence, the name. To further enhance this cutting ability they have, water can be mixed with abrasives.

Water jet machine manufacturers encourage the addition of aluminum oxide and garnets to the water itself. This overall process is inspired by the soil erosion from nature, the only difference being is that it has got more concentration and much higher speed, too.

A high-pressure pump will work on driving the water through small and rigid hoses. This action will eventually pave the way in creating a forceful water jet directed towards the material that will be cut. Any typical waterjet is capable of producing an output of 4 to 7 kilowatts. \

Unlike a laser cutting machine, the source of the laser beam is situated inside the machine itself. As for the work area and the pump, they are often separate from each other.  The power of water jet cutting machines can’t be underestimated. They can cut through materials, even if it is a combination of materials with different levels of melting points. Perhaps the only thing that one can get worried about with water jet technology is the threat of delamination.

In water jet cutting technology, cutting of materials that presents us with a limit in access is possible, but often comes with a certain level of difficulty or challenge. Materials with thickness level ranging between 0.4 and 2.0” would significantly benefit from waterjet cutting method.  

Categorizing Anti Slip Tiles and their Capabilities

Categorizing Anti Slip Tiles and their Capabilities

The anti slip efficacy of a tile can be tested and certified through various methods. One of the most popular methods of testing the grade of a tile’s anti-slipperiness is known as Oil Wet Ramp Test. Knowing this information is very important to provide safety in the areas where such anti slip tiles are installed.

Categorizing Tiles Based on Anti-Slip Capability


For polished tiles, there is no anti slip rating. Glossy and polished tiles need not be installed in areas that are inclined to wetness. In spaces that are visited by people who experience trouble in walking and balance, polished tiles should never be used.


The rating specifies that the tile comes with a smooth and matter surface with low static-friction in between the tile’s surface and the sole of one’s shows. It only needs to be used for dry places. R9-tiles are easier to clean and maintain because of its smooth and even surface.

Although injuries may still happen on a polished or R9-surface, there are homeowners and hotels that choose to use R9 porcelain and polished marble tiles for the floor. While this is not recommended, the owner can opt for a polished marble. This is not just due to their rich and grand effect it produces, but because of the fact that they could be sure that the space would be frequently kept and maintained.


Tiles with R10 surface comes with a normal static-friction between the surface the shoes. These tiles are easy to maintain while having good anti-slip properties.

This rating is classified into 3 different categories. Such classification offers a reference on the tile’s slip resistance when people walk on it.

R-10 A- Matte and Smooth

This is also called as low R10. This means that the place should never be very wet when it gets in contact with the feet.

R-10 A+B

This is matte and has a little texture on tiles. The area can be somewhat wet when people walk on it with or without shoes.

R-10 A+B+C

The grooves of the tile texture might be felt. This is also called as high R10 near to R11. With this, an R10 surface should be enough for residential and commercial toilets.


A tile with this kind of surface means that it has higher static-friction between the sole of the shoe and the tile surface. Such surface is rough and are not known among some people due to the worry of tough maintenance. Moreover, the surface is a must for areas like ramps which are likely to get wet.

The following subcategories can also be applied to an R-11 rating: A, A+B, and A+B+C. However, they are often ignored for commercial and residential use.

Knowing these ratings is very important to make sure that your anti slip tile will serve their purpose and ensure the safety of everyone. See also: non slip outdoor tiles

Digital Marketing Agency for Small Businesses: Tips You Need to Know

Through the years, the trends in digital marketing have evolved with new and better strategies that are introduced every year. So, if you have a business and you want to make it big, then hiring a digital marketing agency for small businesses can greatly contribute to your success. Investing in a good company will be one of the best choices you will ever make for your business. Below are is a checklist of the things that you should be looking for in a good company.

Be Clear with what You Want

Before you do your search of finding a good digital marketing agency for small businesses, you need to be very clear of the things you want. You need to understand that digital marketing is a wide area and this involves different approaches such as social media management, SEO marketing, inbound marketing, content management, blogging, website development, and other things. Have a talk with your team and sketch out the services that you are looking for an expert.

Learn about their Digital Expertise

Not all company will have a great office setup or an office with an extreme corporate address. Keep in mind that being not a big name does not equate to having any expertise. For instance, if your company is in the niche of sportswear, then you should hire a reputable marketing agency that specializes in such a niche.

Research on their Past Projects

It is a given that you should learn more about the company. You can do this by having a closer look at their profile to help you in making the final decision. Do not hesitate to take a look at the samples of their work. Check their website, the content on it, and the companies that they have worked with in the past. By knowing these things, you can decide whether to move on with the company or not. Also, find out if the company is aware of the latest techniques and trends in digital marketing.

Get to Know their Employees and Experts

A good agency is formed by creative, enthusiastic, intelligent, and passionate people. It is through the skills of people that can help a brand shine. You can always talk with their marketing experts to learn more about them.

Consider your Budget

Budget is among the most important parts in the process of finding a good marketing agency. Also, asking them for a quotation for their services is a must. You need to make sure that you the services they can offer will be enough for how much you can afford. But it is very important to keep in mind to never compromise the quality of services just for a cheaper price.

White Ceiling Fan: The Pros of Adding it Into Your Home

White Ceiling Fan

When the summer season comes, there is always a challenge to keep a balance between keeping the house cool while lowering the electric bill. If there is one thing that can do both, it would be a white ceiling fan. The use of ceiling fans has proven to be an excellent solution to stay cool in the summer without having to worry about the high cost of electricity bills. Here are some of the benefits of using a ceiling fan that will convince you to invest in one, too.

Ceiling Fans can Keep you Warm and Cool

A ceiling fan works by pushing air in a downward position to create a breeze that helps to cool the skin through evaporation. However, during winter time, the blades could be reversed or you can change the direction of its rotation. This allows the fan to pull air upwards. As warm air rises, it pulls cool air upward, thus forcing warm air down and distributes the heat evenly in the room to make it warmer.

Lowers Heating and Cooling Bills

As a white ceiling fan can make the room cooler and evenly distributes heat, this means that your thermostats could be kept at a high temperature during summer and lower in winter. In addition, having well-circulated air can help maintain a constant temperature. This means that the thermostat doesn’t have to cycle on and off and your AC and furnace does not have to work as hard.

Can Be Used Outdoors

Another great advantage of using a ceiling fan is the fact that it can cool indoors and outdoors. This is also a great way to lower the temperature in outdoor or semi-outdoor space such as the patio, porch, outdoor kitchen, deck, or sunroom. In the same way that it works outdoors, ceiling fans for outdoor use circulate air to cool the skin and the moving air even helps drive insects away.

A Source of Ambient Light

The majority of ceiling fans can be either built-in light or a light kit that could be used to install a light to the fan’s center. Since they are often placed in the center of the room where you would install a flush-mount light. This means that the ceiling fan can double its use as ambient lighting. An additional bonus is that it can add more value to the home as it offers functionality as a lighting fixture.

Many people may not instantly realize the benefits that a ceiling fan can offer. They would often think that it simply cools the room. But, if you are looking for a great solution for the hot summer days without worrying about your electric bills, then giving it a try will definitely be worth it.

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Reasons to Choose Downlight LED

Today, people are very budget-conscious and everyone is doing whatever they can just to reduce their expenses, especially when it comes to their electricity bill. With this, it is necessary to consider the kind of lighting that we have in our workplaces and homes. In order to address the situation, one way is to get rid of your old and inefficient incandescent light bulbs and replace with an energy-saving LED light. One of the most popular options at present is the installation of downlight LED and here are the reasons why.


Downlight LED is noticeably a lot more energy-efficient when compared to the old school types of bulbs which are known to be energy-hungry. An incandescent globe for example has an average lifespan of not over 1000 hours. On the other hand, a LED bulb could last from 25, 000- 50, 000 hours. So, what does this big difference mean? While LEDs are initially expensive compared to a compact fluorescent light bulb or a halogen globe, the savings can be up to 90% on energy consumption. This means that more money gets to stay in your pocket over time.


Environment- Friendly

AS it produces lesser energy, LED globes also produce less greenhouse emissions and less landfill. This is because we don’t have to go as many of them as we would normally do with incandescent lights. This is such a big help to the planet.


Better for the Family

LED downlights do not have Mercury, which is often found in CFLs. This means that it is easier to clean them and in case of breaking, does not cause health risks to the family and pets.


Lighting for Different Situations

Whether you want to have a strong source of light right above to complete your project or just a bit of it for mood lighting like when having intimate dinners, LED downlights are a great source. This can even be applied to almost any type of room. You can adjust them depending on the situation. Moreover, LEDs offer instant brightness so no need to wait until they warm up.


Sleek and Stylish

If you are not a fan of having fixtures that are hanging from the ceiling a LED downlight will appeal more to you as the come in simple yet sleek and stylish designs. They are often installed in a way that they would appear like part of the ceiling, instead of being attached to it. There are different designs to choose from also, so you can always choose one that appeal most to your taste and personality and will complement the overall look of your room.

With all the benefits brought by LED lights, it’s no wonder why they are so popular today. So, if you want a change in the look of your place without having to sacrifice money and the environment, you will never for wrong with them.

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Catering Companies: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Getting help from catering companies is very important to make sure that an event will be successful as they provide palatable meals and refreshing drinks. However, not all the time that we get to choose the best companies that will offer the expected services. Especially that today, there are so many companies available around so choosing the best one can be challenging. To avoid making this mistake, the following things below should be considered.


Not Considering the Budget

Among the common mistakes that many event planners commit is hiring a catering company that does not consider the budget. Organizing an event requires money that will match the needs. But it is important to only invest in important items that are needed in the event. For example, when hiring a company, make sure that you have the right menu so you can avoid overhead expenses. Before making any decision, always make sure that you manage your finances.


Wrong Type of Caterers

Another mistake that is often made is hiring the wrong type of caterers. In most cases, people think that all caterers are just the same. Of course, they would claim to offer the best services, but not all of them would be able to accommodate the event. There are times when they will not provide enough services or the ones that are needed for the event. Thus, make sure that the caterers are experienced at handling the same event like yours.


Insufficient Catering Equipment

Although you have already found a catering company to work with, one mistake that can be made is not making sure if the company has enough equipment for the catering. There are times when unexpected guests will show up in the event. Without enough equipment, the catering company will not be able to provide them with meals and drinks. As a result of this, clients and guests are likely to leave earlier as they are not well-assisted.


Catering Services that are Not Important

Aside from having not enough equipment, availing of catering services that are not needed can be a big problem. For example, if the event is in a hotel, there is no need to rent out some catering equipment as the hotel will provide them. Avoiding this mistake can help you save a lot of money.

There are so many catering companies today that seem exceptional when it comes to the services they offer. But don’t easily say yes to them. Instead, check them out first and see if they can meet the demands of your event. Take your time when choosing. You can check their portfolio, website, and the feedback of their past customers so you can better decide if they are the right people to hire or not.


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Four Proven Benefits of LED Worklights

LED worklights have been lighting the ways to a more improved working environment while promoting work efficiency. A standard incandescent lighting is becoming as a thing of the past because of the exceptional benefits that LED lights has to offer.

Listed below are some of the reasons why this type of lighting is preferred by so many people in today’s time.

They are very easy to install

Installing LED worklights is a cost-effective process. It is also very simple to do. All you just need are a little time and some tools. The majority of kits sold today has an instruction manual where details and a step-by-step guide can be followed.

You have to bear in mind though that you are installing it by yourself and some LEDS have voltage operating ranges. There are some that runs at 9 to 32 volts while others are at 10 to 30 volts. In these situations, the lights will still operate regardless of whether the vehicle is putting out 12 or 24 volts.


They are very easy to maintain

Very little upkeep is needed when it comes to LED lighting. Normal lighting in a vehicle could last for up to 11 years (solid usage). At 50%, LED lights can last for up to 22 years. Switching to this type of light can become a great investment for many people as it allows them to save a lot of money.


No need to worry about changing bulbs

When using LED lights, there is no need to worry about setting up a service call of to swap out different light bulbs. This will allow you to save money, time, and effort, especially during the most hectic projects.

To top this, led lights are likely to draw a fraction of amperage incandescent light draw. This means that they are cooler compared to normal lighting. This makes them an only an improved lighting source but they can also prevent accidental injuries.


They are much safer

LED lighting has an exceptional quality of light when compared to incandescent lighting. LEDS on a commercial vehicle would be able to shine through rain and thick fog. When using an incandescent light bulb, it wouldn’t be able to be very effective at penetrating through more than few feet, thus making the road less visible in case of severe weather conditions.

For a clear weather, LEDs are considered to be the better utility trailer accessory. Incandescent lighting can be difficult to distinguish in daytime, but LED can still be seen even from a greater distance. For example if the truck is stranded on the side of the road, LEDS could send a warning to others.

These are just a few benefits that you can enjoy if you choose LEDs for your lighting. These things are the reason why so many people prefer this, instead of choosing the other available options in the market.

Waterjet Cutting and Its Amazing Benefits

As far as metal cutting is concerned, there are various ways to easily accomplish the task. In fact, some of them are very simple and crude as a hacksaw. Others can be more technical such as lasers and the use of plasma cutting tools. But all these come with their own downsides. They can be in the form of heat-causing deformities in the cut lines to rough and messy edges. Some things can and can’t be cut with different methods. So, this is where waterjet cutting becomes of service bringing in so many benefits.


No Heat Involved

Unlike with other available methods, waterjet cutting does not involve heat. Meaning, there will be no melting, warping, or distorting along the edges that helps when you are creating precise cuts in case of complicated cuts.


Precision Results

This cutting tool comes with amazing precision. It provides the ability to produce precision cuts. However, this may come with a price as more precision means higher cost when setting up the materials and cutter needed to perform a cut. These precise cuts are made possible because cutting is controlled by specialized software and a computer.



There are many methods that work really great in some types of materials but may not do so for others. With this cutting method, cutting almost any kind of material effectively is possible. One noted exception is tempered glass a few more specialized materials that may not work with it. Some of the materials that it can cut in high precision are alloys of different types, steels, stone, marble, wood, plastics, rubber, composites, and aluminum.


Time and Clean Up

One more exceptional benefit of this technology will be the clean up as it leaves very little to no burr on the parts so there will be very little need for cleanup or any secondary finishing such as sanding or grinding. With this, cuts can move along a lot quicker and this allows jobs to be completed a lot faster compared to other technologies.

Here are some more benefits that the technology can provide than other conventional cutting methods.

  • Faster turnaround right from the drawing board to the cut product
  • Faster setup time as a result of minimal required setup
  • Higher speed for faster job completion
  • Removes the need to re-sharpen tools after cutting a single or multiple pieces of a product.
  • The structural property of a material is not affected as it is cold-cutting
  • Its flexibility is ideal for prototype and production process because.

With all these great benefits from high-precision and fast turn-around to the versatility of cutting, it is understandable why this is becoming the preferred cutting method. If you are looking for a piece of high-tech or prototype material cut, then this is the solution that you have been waiting for.


DIY Air Compressor Repairs

An air compressor can explode if you do not practice or perform proper air compressor repairs to it, as well as maintenance.

There are three basic functions necessary for an air compressor to work at its best. It needs power, should maintain pressure, and be able to control the flow of compressed air. Here are some insights in you can fix and repair it in your own.


DIY Repair

You can do three DIY fixes by yourself as part of your air compressor repairs. The majority of malfunctions fall into any of these three categories. Keep in mind however that since air compressors have high pressure that could rupture in case the tank is damaged. In case of complex damage that needs repair, leave it to the professionals.


Adjust the Airflow

Remove the plastic cover off of the compressor by removing the screws. Then, lift this cover so you can take hole of the two screws located underneath on its pressure maintaining valve. The top screw is the one that turns the compressor off and the bottom one turns it on.

You need to turn your compressor on an off and be sure to check its settings. You can adjust the pressure using the upper screw. You can raise the pressure by tightening the screw or you can loosen it to reduce the pressure. Next thing, you should engage its pressure release valve and note the pressure as soon as the compressor kicks on. You can adjust the setting by using the lower screw. As soon as you have discovered the right pressure, finish up the repair by replacing the screws and cover.


Restore Power

Start by checking if the compressor is plugged in and if the switch is on. In case it is not turning on, hit the reset button. It is often found on the side of its motor near the power cord. Look for a round black or red button and hit it to reset the circuit breaker.

If after doing it the power is not yet restored, you need to check if the cord is still in its good condition and if there are plugs that are plugged in. Try to plug it to another socket and check if the circuit breaker is tripped for that plug that you are using. You should flip the break off and on.


Repair Leaks

Start by unplugging all hoses and tools then start your compressor so it will charge. Prepare a mixture of soap and water then pour or spray it around the fitting. Look for areas where bubbles form. If you see it, this means that there is a leak. Turn off your compressor and release the pressure from the tank.

Perform these simple DIY repairs to make sure that your air compressor is at its best condition and you can use it for a longer time.