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Denver Taxi & Rideshare Services

A cab or taxi can put you in the heart of the city in about 30 minutes. You'll find taxis at Level 5, Island 1, outside Doors 505, 507 and 511 (Terminal East) and Doors 506, 510 and 512 (Terminal West). 

Flat rates are the same for all companies and are as follows:

DEN to Downtown: Flat rate of $66 + $5.03 gate fee + $5 each additional drop
DEN to Denver Tech Center: Flat rate of $74 + $5.03 gate fee + $5 each additional drop 
DEN to Boulder: Flat rate of $109 + $5.03 gate fee + $5 each additional drop 
DEN to Tower Road:  Flat rate of $31 + $5.03 gate fee + $5 each additional drop 

Note: Trips into the DEN are not subject to any gate fees — only those trips going out from DEN.

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