Hormone Replacement for Men: Is This the Solution for Andropause?

Hormone replacement for men is a treatment option for males who are in the phase of their lives where they experience symptoms related to menopause or the so-called andropause. Hormone replacement therapy is also referred to as testosterone replacement therapy or low t therapy. But for men, before they decide to undergo with the therapy they often have a few questions that they want to be answered. So, what really is the therapy all about and how does it help with andropause?


About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Before starting with hormone replacement for men, a complete general exam should be done first. This examination includes PSA test, liver function tests, digital rectal examination, cardiac function tests, and blood test in order to determine the testosterone levels. In some cases, a prostate biopsy is also done. These tests are necessary and should be done again every 3-6 months while the patient is still being treated. This is done because the side effects could be significant and this may include an increased tendency for blood clots, liver toxicity, thrombophlebitis, urinary tract blockage, rise in PSA levels, sleep apnea, and breast enlargement.


Different Hormones Available for the Therapy


Some oral forms are linked to having high risk of liver toxicity, but the newer forms bypass the liver and are not so toxic.


There are two forms of injectable available: testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate. These should be given every 2-3 weeks to maintain the desired levels of hormone. The use of injectable testosterone might result in excess hormone that is being converted to estrogen. This is not a good thing, though.


Subcutaneous pellets known as Testopel are implanted under the skin in the buttocks every 3-4 months. This procedure is performed in a doctor’s office and is done is a short time like five minutes. Given that testosterone implant provides a constant hormone level in the blood, it is the more preferred form of therapy.

Since testosterone implants provide a constant level of the hormone in the blood, it is a preferred form of testosterone replacement therapy.

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Topical testosterone gels (Axilron, Androgel, Testim, Fortesta) can be applied every day to the shoulders, thigh, or underarms. Gels cause very minimal side effects and just like implants, they are also a preferred form of hormone replacement.

Transdermal Patches

Use of transdermal patches for testosterone very effective when it comes to restoring testosterone levels. These patches should be applied on a daily basis to either the back, arm, or upper buttocks. They provide continuous 24-hour release of the hormone. However, in case of side effect, the most common is skin irritation.

The goal of the therapy is to help men achieve and maintain their testosterone level that is right for their age and state of health without any significant side effects. To be certain that this is reached and maintain, males should have their blood tested regularly and their treatment altered if needed.


Why Land Development is the Best Investment

Upon hearing the word land development, people often think of contractors and big-time builders who are responsible for constructing housing developments, communities, shopping malls, office complexes, and the likes. But this is actually off the mark because a real professional land developer does not really build anything. Instead, he will be getting raw land ready to be build on. This is done by acquiring the important government approvals for future plans, rezoning, etc. They will then be reselling their ready-to-build land to contractors and builders. This is the reason why this is considered to be one of the most profitable type of real estate and a great investment in today’s time.

Reasons Why Land Development is the Best Investment

First Reason

With this, you are making a great investment because a professionally managed development project is considered to be one of the most profitable investments that is available to investors. In addition, professional land developers will have a 300%-500% increase in value of the land they are developing.

The Second Reason

With this, development projects are basically secured by the land value. This means that this is asset-backed for the security of the investor. In case of a problem, the land can be sold, thus the investors will be able to recoup their original investment, as well as their share of net profits.

The Third Reason

When compared to a residential real estate market, land development is quickly flourishing. It is even widely held bringing it on the ground floor of the biggest land grab since it’s been built out.

The Fourth Reason

This type of investment is expected to consistently grow between 2000-2030. By this time, more and more people will be needing for new homes, stores, communities, and schools to support them. As the population grows each year, one can rest assured that there will be continuous growth and tremendous amounts of construction and new development.

As long as the land development project is properly managed, this will always be a great investment that is secured and lucrative compared to other investments like mutual funds, bonds, stocks, etc. Most importantly, it has a very bright future demand in the next 2-3 decades which will be the result if population growth.

Being presented with this opportunity with extreme magnitude does not always happen. If you are an investor, then you should not think twice and immediately take advantage of such opportunity. This investment will serve as your silent partner in professional land development. Make sure that you spend time in researching in order to find one that has years of experience and a successful track record. Take your time in doing so. As they say, slow but sure. Bear in mind that you are making a great investment.

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General Tips for Ensuring Compatible 3D Scanners and Printers

3d scanners are as important as 3d printer in helping businesses and individuals meet their project requirements, which is why they are typically used alongside each other in many work areas. If you are considering investing in both technologies for your professional or personal use, you can look forward to a lot of advantages that come with that decision. First and foremost of these is ensured high quality results for your applications, which is particularly important for those who need to handle stringent client needs. Al3d Scannerso, you can ease the design and manufacturing process with these machines, as they are designed to accommodate maximum potential efficiency.

With that said, it is important to remember that your scanners and printers must be compatible with each other so that you can harness the best of what they can do. If it will be your first time to use both equipment at once, here are some general tips that you can consider to ensure proper integration of the systems.

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Simple Tips to Improve Results with 3D Printing

3d printing has turned into a significant game-changer for additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping all over the world. Today, it has also become an accessible technology that even small shops and individual creatives can utilise to meet their business and personal manufacturing or part printing requirements. If you have 3d printers, you very well know how important they are to your goals and needs. And if you’re interested in buying 3d printers, there are so many rewards that you can look forward to. Now, regardless of whether you own or are planning to own such an equipment, there are a couple of things that you should know so that you can ensure consistent high-quality results out of it – and they are simple. Consider these pointers.


Get familiar with the tech

3d printing requires more than the basic technical knowledge, and anyone who wants to be able to put it to its full good use is advised to know their way around the technology well. Now, you do not need to become an expert at it, especially if it will be your first time to work with it. But you do need to have a good working idea of what it can do, and how you can harness that so that it does exactly what you need it to. And for that, there are so many resources that you can use.


Commit to continuous education

It is also necessary that you adopt an open attitude to learning about 3d printing, especially since the field is always growing. This is especially important for facilities that will have more than one person working on the printer, as well as for individual hobbyists that will independently manage the operation of the machine. Product trainings are one of the best tools to use to get the right information that you need; when installing the machine for the first time, training must be sought. And when there are updates to technologies or processes, training must once again be sought.


Evaluate and re-evaluate methodologies

Finally, vet your methodologies to make sure that they are the best practices for your specific operation. Build tables, for instance, must be calibrated according to your exact quality requirements. Also, if you have other equipment working alongside the printer such as 3d scanners, you need to make sure that their systems are compatible with each other so that you can generate the yield that you want to see. And if there is a need to change methods, do so with objectivity and clarity.

Working with Insulated Wall Panels: Tips for Beginners

Insulated wall panels have turned into one of the most important new construction products in the world, owing to the superior benefits that they offer. Chief of these is enhanced insulation foam building blocks, which can lead to other benefits such as reduced utility costs, and increased comfort inside properties. So if you’re looking to see these rewards in your own project, giving the material a try will definitely be good for you. But if it is your first time, there are certain things that you should remember, and some of the most essential of them are as follows:


Choose a trusted resource

One of the most important things that you can do when working with structural insulated panels is to make sure that you get them from a reliable resource. From the get-go, make sure that your chosen company has a good history of manufacturing products that meet industrial standards. If they have other construction materials such as ICFs, that’s better; choosing to work with SIPs for your construction project means that you are open to other non-traditional materials, and it’s best if you source all of them from one company. Also, check what previous customers have said about your candidate. And when you’re satisfied, schedule a consultation to get a better gauge on the company before deciding.


Ensure proper installation

There are so many advantages that come with wall panels or insulated polystyrene wall cladding, and they should never be wasted due to improper installation. During the process, see to it that you are present to oversee it, so that if there is anything that needs to be managed, it can be easily taken care of. Also, ask your installer for a complete breakdown of the work that they will do, along with important information such as start and end dates. If anything seems awry, communicate with your installer.


Stay updated about industry news and trends

Finally, don’t lose sight of developments in the industry, even after your materials have been installed. This will help you get all that you hoped to get from the material, and make sure that you harness all the best that it has to offer. Similarly, if there are technologies that you can adopt that are aimed at improving the performance of the product, you will be in a good position to decide. From there, you can make better use of the SIPs the next time that you choose to work with them again for your succeeding projects.


General Tips for Choosing the Right Garnet Abrasive For Waterjet Cutting Machines

waterjet cutting

If you need an abrasive for your waterjet cutting machine, chances are you have been told that garnet is the best material for most types of applications. That is certainly true, but that is not the end of the story. In choosing your garnet abrasive, there are some factors that you should consider so that you end up with the right garnet abrasive. Some of the most important of them are as follows:

waterjet cutting


Hardness dictates the speed with which you can cut materials; typically, the harder the abrasive you use for your waterjet cutter, the faster you can cut. However, hardness also has a direct consequence on the integrity of the cutting nozzle. Softer abrasives generally mean nozzles that you can use for much longer. For this reason, it is important to consider your exact requirements, and then find the right hardness that will not offer a compromise on efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Industry experts consider almandine garnet to be among the best at melding these two things.



As with hardness, abrasive density also plays an important role in the way that you can harness the full power of your waterjet cutting machines. Very light materials cannot be accelerated to the best possible velocity that can speed up the process, and very heavy materials have the same effect. As with hardness, you need to find the right balance between mass and velocity.



Toughness should also be a significant factor when choosing the right garnet abrasive. If the abrasive that you choose ends up breaking down too easily, the resulting cut may be too fine for your liking; similarly, if the garnet is too tough, it will get rounded during the mixing process and become too dull to cut according to specific edge qualities.


Particle shape

Garnet abrasives come in many types, from spherical to razor-sharp. Many facilities typically opt for bead-like abrasives as they have proven to perform well under high-powered streams, but that does not mean that they are the best ones for your applications.

How do you make sense of all these? Asking for personalised guidance from your waterjet cutter manufacturer or supplier can help. Companies like Techni provide customised solutions that do not only give the best recommendations for meeting industrial requirements, but also in working with operational conditions. Do not hesitate to ask as many questions as you need to, look at past project portfolios, and communicate your concern. Your investment in your abrasive will only be well-rewarded if it is the right investment to make, in the first place.

Tips in Choosing CNC Plasma Cutters

CNC plasma cutters have proven to be among the most important machinery for a wide range of applications across differing metal fabrication facilities. If you are looking for specialised tools and equipment for projects that require top-notch quality, investing in these cutters will truly be a rewarding decision. And to get the most out of that, it pays to remember a few essential tips such as the following.

CNC Plasma Cutter in Action

Know your specific requirements

There are many types of plasma cutters that you will find on the market, and selecting the right model hinges on properly understanding your requirements. To this end, it is important that you assess the sheet size of the material that you will likely be cutting at least 80 percent of the time, its plate thickness, and the number of plates you would need to cut at once.

Additionally, the software that your CNC plasma cutter should use must be chosen well. There are some machines that come with built-in programmes for shape libraries or editors. Others, on the other hand, will need more than just plug-and-play functions. When you go scout for your specific model, make sure that you are properly apprised of the backend factors that need to be considered so that you can properly gauge whether you will need additional technical expertise for the successful operation of the model and its programme.


Know your working conditions

It is also vital that you are meticulous about the specific conditions that the machine would have to work with, to ensure consistent quality results. For example, if you have high productivity needs, it may be in your facility’s best interests that you opt for a machine that can accommodate more than one working area. Similarly, if you need some working space between different tables, the specific model that you choose must be designed for that. This is also beneficial if you want to ensure maximum possible safety while the machine is being operated.

It bears noting, however, that making adjustments in your work area may be necessary if you want things to be a certain way. If you want service access between the tables, for example, you will need to have enough floor space for that, as well as go for a machine that features the capacity to add rail length.


Choose a good supplier

Finally, make sure that you get your plasma cutter from a reputable and authorised supplier. In Australia, there are many such companies, so you are assured of finding a good fit for your budget and industrial needs.

Pinterest Tools to Help You Pin Like a Pro


Pinterest is one of the hottest topics in the social media sphere these days.  Everywhere you look online…there it is!  But for those who are looking to maximize the marketability of this media, there are many tools online to help.  Today, we wanted to share several of these tools.

* Adding a Pinterest ‘Follow Me’ button to your email signature. Wisestamp is a free service that makes it easy to add a Pinterest button, along with other social media link icons, to your email signature!

* Adding Pinterest to your WordPress Blog.  The ‘Pin It’ button plugin automatically places a button on the bottom of each post, present and past.  There is also a way to add the button in widgets by installing the shortcode.

* Pinterest Analytics.  If you’re going to be using Pinterest as a marketing tool, it’s important to understand what’s happening behind the scenes.  Pintics is one tool that will help in these analytics.  Though still in beta version, Pintics will manage multiple accounts for you and let you see traffic and sales from your pins. Pretty cool!

* Have an iPhone? Can download the Pinterest App so you can use it anytime…wherever you go!  Browse, Pin & more… any time!

Want to speed up the Pinning process?  Here’s a few sites and apps to help in Chrome!

* Want to pin images using a keyboard shortcut?  Try Pin It.

* Want to enlarge the thumbnails in your recent activity area without having to open the link?  Try Pinterest Recent Activity Expander.

* Want to enlarge images by moving over the image?  Try Pinzy.

* Want to Google something without having to leave the Pinterest site? This search function, Pin Search, allows you to search for photos, etc on Pinterest.

Hope these help! I you are looking for a digital marketing agency that will boost your social media popularity, click here.


How to Leverage Your Waterjet Cutter for Maximum Functionality

Water Jet Machine Heavy Duty Cutting

Waterjet cutters are important to the successful operation of many commercial and industrial organisations, which is why they are among the most prized possessions of facilities. If you have one in your workplace, you know exactly what such an equipment does for your cutting applications, requirements, and goals. So if you have one in your workplace, you know that one of the most important things that you need to do is make sure that you reap the benefits that comes with it.

How do you go about doing that? Consider these pointers.

Water Jet Machine Heavy Duty Cutting

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Important Things to Know About Using Spill Kits in Australia

oil spill on an oil rig

Buying spill kits in Australia is important to the safety and efficiency of many facilities, and if you are in the process of doing this, you need to make sure that you do it right. The wrong purchases will not only be a waste of your money, they may also significantly promote hazards in your workplace. Also, an improper approach to buying these kits may put your facility at risk of fines and other legal consequences. So to make sure that you do what is expected of you by the law while meeting your own industrial needs, consider these tips.

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